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Compass Point Dive Resort
346 Austin Conolly Drive, KY1-1801, Cayman Islands
Phone: +1 800 348 6096 Compass Point Dive Resort Compass Point Dive Resort Star rating: **** Room rates: $200 - $270


Compass Point Dive Resort is serious about recycling and anything we can do to reduce our solid waste from going to the islands landfill (now the highest point on the island).

We recycle the following: 

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastics: PETE 1 & HDPE 2 containers
  • Re-Use: Cayman Islands Brewery bottles are returned, washed and re-used


Aluminum cans are very straight forward to recycle and are the recommended choice when buying new broduct such as sodas and beer.  Aluminum cans are crushed at a sorting facility and packed in to an empty shipping container that is returnng to the USA. 

Glass bottles are processed locally, crushed in to small fragments and used as 'fill' for construction projects. The material is not normally re-processed back in to glass. 

Plastics are the biggest offender and consumes the most volume in the landfill because it does not decompose- plastics are forever.  Most colored plastics for food containers and for other household goods are HDPE 2.  Clear bottles and containers are most often PETE 1 type of plastic. Both of these common plastics can be recycled at compass point. 

Recycling bins are in every condo and there are two recycling centers on the property.  Do your part to reduce the impact of your visit to the Cayman Islands.  If you want to do more to help, ask our front desk about volunteering for a beach clean up. 

TIP:  Avoid buying beer in glass bottles. If you must, buy local and choose Cayman Islands Brewery products such as: 'CayBrew', 'CayBrew Light' or 'White Tip Lager'- all of these bottles are collected separately at our onsite recycling center and returned directly to the brewery for sterilisation and re-use.