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Compass Point Dive Resort
346 Austin Conolly Drive, KY1-1801, Cayman Islands
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Grand Cayman Snorkeling
Snorkeling is a favorite activity in Grand Cayman, as it is an activity that couples or familes can enjoy together.  There are reefs that can be accessed from the shore at several locations around Grand Cayman in addition to some of the best sites that are accessed by boat. 
Compass Point's in-house dive shop, Ocean Frontiers, offers the following Snorkel Tours, via boat:



Take a 3-stop snorkel safari boat excursion on the East End of Grand Cayman provided by onsite operator, Ocean Frontiers. On this 2.5-hour boat trip you will visit the best, untouched snorkeling reefs in the Cayman Islands with your small group. With a variety of barrier and patch coral reefs ranging from 2 feet to 20 feet in depth (0.6 meters to 6 meters).  Enjoy over five miles (8 kilometers) of untouched reefs filled with marine life. Snorkel with Parrotfish, Angel fish, Trumpet fish, Sea cucumber, Flamingo Tongues, Sea fans and much more. Enjoy the crystal clear tranquil waters with no currents.  Even visit our world famous Live Underwater Webcam at one of the three stops on the snorkel trip.



  • Snorkel the East End coral reefs, off the beaten path and away from the crowds
  • Visit 3 different coral reef snorkeling sites all on 1 boat trip
  • Avoid the crowds as you snorkel in the remote East End Lagoon
  • Allow your expert guide to point out the marine life
  • Relax in the comfort and shade on board the boat
  • Take in the coastline from the vantage point of the water
  • Visit our Underwater Webcam


Price: US$55 per person including equipment

Charter Rate: US$400 for up to 8 persons, including equipment

Departure Point:  The Dock at Compass Point Dive Resort, every Wednesday afternoon.


You will visit 3 of the following snorkel sites via snorkel boat: South Channel Gardens, Sunset Reef, Ridgefield Reef, Sunrise Reef, Cannon Reef, and Pooh Corner. Ocean Frontiers will provide all the equipment you need, and your qualified instructors will teach you all the basics to ensure a safe and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Your snorkel vessel, "Top-Cat," was specifically designed for cruising the shallow coral reefs inside the protected East End lagoon. Top-Cat is perfect for conducting snorkel trips and has plenty of shade and seating for up to 10 passengers. The vessel has a large ladder to make entry to and exit from the water easy and simple.



  • 2.5-hour boat tour
  • Certified guide
  • Stops at 3 different sites
  • Rental of mask, fins, and snorkel equipment


Not included:

  • Transportation to and from the meeting point
  • Camera rentals
  • Gratuities
  • Additional Information:


This tour involves a boat to reach the snorkel sites. All participants are required to know how to swim. Non-swimmers will not be permitted to board the vessel and take part in this trip.  Please do not touch the corals or take any marine life. Camera rentals are available for all trips. Snorkel equipment is included in the price of all trips. Ocean Frontiers prides itself on its personal service and small groups. Your snorkeling guide is a trained naturalist and is also certified in First Aid and Rescue.



Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop in Grand Cayman offers 3 different choices for Stingray trips every week. Considered by all the must see and do when visiting the Cayman Islands. Kiss a Stingray and you'll have 7 years of good luck.

We consider the best way to interact with our Stingrays is by Snorkeling at the Sandbar in Grand Cayman's North Sound. You will see and interact with more Stingrays when snorkeling than diving. It is also a great activity for divers and non-divers to go on a trip together.


Option 1: 'Dawn Stingray', our Signature Experience

For those who want the ultimate Stingray Experience, this is it. The choice of BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic for who they use and how they photograph the Stingrays. Chances are if you have seen the large schools of Stingrays on TV or the cover of a magazine, they were shot from out boat on our 'Dawn Stingray' trip. A favirite with photographers and nature lovers. However you want to measure it, this is the best way to see Cayman's Stingrays with the Ocean Frontiers 'Dawn Stingray' Original:



  • More Stingrays per person ratio
  • Small Personal Group Size- Maximum 12
  • Avoid the Crowds and have the Sandbar to yourself for at least 1 hour
  • A full 90 minutes on the Sandbar
  • water shallow enough to stand up
  • Trip scheduled on Friday to avoid the Cruise Ship traffic
  • Photographer Friendly - Discovery, Nat Geo, BBC use Ocean Frontiers


Trip Details:

  • Max Pax = 12 Snorkelers / Crew =2
  • Destination = Stingray Sandbar
  • Duration = 2.5 hours (90 Minutes on the Sandbar)
  • Check-In at Kaibo = 6:30AM
  • Return to Kaibo = 9:00AM
  • Vessel = 'Ocean Panga' (W.I.Z. Licensed)
  • Restrictions = Min Age 8 years old / All passengers must be able to swim
  • Equipment = Mask & Snorkel Included (Fins / Footwear not permitted)
  • Price = US$65 per person


Note: This is a Snorkel Trip, not a scuba diving trip. Although it is possible to dive with the Stingrays at the Deep Stingray City site, we recommend a snorkel trip to the Sandbar for divers and snorkelers alike. The Sandbar offers a great opportunity to interact with one of the world's largest populations of Southern Stingrays.


Option 2: Stingray Snorkel Trip on the Sandbar 9:30am + 1:30pm

We also run Stingray Snorkel Trips to the Sandbar during more civilized hours at 9:30AM and 1:30PM on Fridays. These trips are great for families or people who are diving in the morning. Always lots of friendly Stingrays, amazing photo oportunities and memories of a lifetime.



  • Small Personal Group Size- Maximum 12
  • A full 60 minutes on the Sandbar
  • water shallow enough to stand up
  • Trip scheduled on Friday to avoid the Cruise Ship traffic
  • Photographer Friendly - Discovery, Nat Geo, BBC use Ocean Frontiers


Trip Details:

  • Max Pax = 12 Snorkelers / Crew = 2
  • Destination = Stingray Sandbar
  • Duration = 2.0 hours (60 Minutes on the Sandbar)
  • Check-In at Kaibo = 9:30AM & 1:30PM
  • Return to Kaibo = 11:30AM & 3:30PM
  • Vessel = 'Ocean Panga' (W.I.Z. Licensed)
  • Restrictions = Min Age 8 years old / All passengers must be able to swim
  • Equipment = Mask & Snorkel Included (Fins / Footwear not permitted)
  • Price = US$45 per person


Friday is a good day to visit the Stingrays as it is typically the day of the week that has the least amount or no Cruise Ships in Port. Another reason Friday works for our customers is that many are flying on Saturday and a snorkel trip does not effect their flying after diving time interval requirements.


Departure Point for all Stingray Tours:  The dock at Kaibo Yahct Club, near Rum Point.

If you are interested in snorkeling your way around Grand Cayman, then you will be pleased to know that all beaches on Grand Cayman Island are open to the public.  Here is a list of known snorkeling sites worth visiting for shore snorkeling:

  • Bodden Town, Beach Bay
  • Bodden Town, Cemetery
  • East End, Colliers
  • East End, Queen's Monument
  • Northside, Post Office Reef
  • Rum Point, Rum Point Dock
  • West Bay, Turtle Farm Reef
  • West Bay, Cemetery Reef
  • George Town, Wreck of the Gamma
  • George Town, Cheese Burger Reef
  • George Town, Wreck of the Cali
  • George Town, Eden Rock/Devil's Grotto
  • South Sound, Smith's Cove


**Snorkel at your own risk, never snorkel alone, always check the weather.

The best months for snorkeling on Grand Cayman are April to October. The waters offer great visibility, usually 100 to 150 feet with little or no current. It's always warm - in winter it's 78° to 80° and in summer it's 82° to 86°.

You won't be alone snorkeling Grand Cayman Island's warm waters - there are over 500 types of fish, including Sand Tigers, Queen Triggerfish, parrotfish, and angelfish, as well as many other types of marine life including turtles, spotted Eagle rays, reef sharks, moray eels, stingrays, Horse-Eye Jacks and barracudas.